Each of the two components of the Emeca 3-Minute Splice is comprised of a solid steel base plate designed for a square concrete pile. Two female (socket) and two male (stud) locking mechanisms are welded on opposite sides of each base plate. Locking mechanisms are welded to long pieces of reinforcing bar. The two pieces of each splice are identical. Eliminating the need for A-B mating makes the Emeca splice remarkably convenient in casting, handling and installation. In addition to square piles we can customize to specific size, shape and strength needed to meet your needs. 

Listed below are the parameters and allowable limits of our most common pile splices.​

14" E3 Pile Splice Capacity

16" E3 Pile Splice Capacity

18" E3 Pile Splice Capacity

24" E3 Pile Splice Capacity





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Emeca pile splices for concrete piles are affordable & safe option for reliable foundation