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Robots welding Emeca splices

EMECA Custom Cylinder Splice

This project was featured in Piledriver magazine. Read the article HERE


One of our big project of the year 2016 has been the job site in Cartagena, Colombia where we developed a custom made EMECA splice to meet the needs of this job site. These piles are 40 “ diameter cylinder piles with 24 male and female locking parts and very large compared to our regular EMECA splices. Splices were needed on this job site because the overall length and weight of these massive cylinder piles would have been very hard to handle efficiently. When using pile splices, the sections are easier to transport and safer in the job site thus increasing safety and speeding up the project. The quicker the pile handling, the more money is saved when project can be completed faster.

Contact us to learn more about these custom pile splices and how we could help you to save money and time.

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