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Robots welding Emeca splices


After intensive review approval process, Emeca SPE USA received a confirmation that the 24-inch splice was approved by Florida Department of Transportation, FDOT.

The Emeca 24-inch splice is ideal for bridge and other industrial uses along with any structures requiring high load capacities. Our 18-inch splice received the FDOT approval in 2016 and since then there was an increasing demand for even higher load capacity pile splices. In 2019 FDOT approached Emeca SPE for a 24” splice that is manufactured entirely in the USA. FDOT did analytical testing on every aspect of the splice in a simulated application. Testing performed by the Clemson University in 2016 was utilized to establish the strength of the locking parts. FDOT is the industry leader due to its extensive testing of concrete pile components. Emeca SPE is proud to receive their approval after passing FDOT’s rigorous requirements.

The 24” concrete pile weighs 600 pounds per linear foot. When considering transportation and safety of pile equipment, the Emeca splices allow an economical way for safe and efficient pile installation. For example, a standard 100 ft. pile would weigh 60,000 pounds which would require overweight haul permits and very large capacity pile driving equipment. Emeca splices allow safer pile handling logistics on the road and to the job site. To further ease the installation process, the 24-inch splice is interchangeable meaning there are no designated top or bottom parts. The field installation with this splice is under 10 minutes. The splice utilizes 8 high-strength Emeca locking parts that lock the piles together securely. Emeca’s standard splice has 4 locking parts but custom splices could have any number of locking parts especially designed for the contractors needs.

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